Make to Order

A.R Apparels offers its own attractive and functional product line, but the CORE of our business revolves around custom Made-to-Order workwear and uniforms. Our team can work from any specifications provided by your company to manufacture top-quality work garments that capture the spirit and corporate culture of your business.

We build and honour long-standing business relationships with our customers and we work to gain detailed insights into their businesses. This ongoing partnership enables A.R Apparels to provide truly customized products/services to our valued clients.

Along with our custom manufacturing capabilities, we also maintain an inventory of fabrics and finished goods for our customers in OUR warehouse facilities.

This stored inventory allows them to promise their consumers lead times much quicker than their competition. It also implies that they don’t have to keep huge stocks at their own warehouses and thus provides significant cost savings as well.

Our unique capabilities are possible only because of the trust and confidence that A.R Apparels has earned from its customers over the years. PROFESSIONAL –EXPERIENCED- QUALITY DRIVEN – all of these words exemplify the A.R Apparels culture.